The Muslim Centre for Justice and Law (MCJL) is a local not for profit Non-Governmental organisation founded in 2009 to advocate for the rights of the most vulnerable members of our society. It is dedicated to promoting and advancing justice, tolerance and human rights in Uganda. The organisation has a primary focus on members of the grassroots communities and further encompasses the diverse community as a whole.

We provide organisational development expertise and concrete tools to strengthen local communities and societies to effectively advocate and deal with dynamic social challenges in the different communities in Uganda. We work directly with local communities and also in partnership with both public and private sector entities.

MCJL has been able to sustain its programs through grants from public and private funders. We strive towards self sustenance of the organisation’s programs through sustained collaborations with strategic partners with whom we share our core development objectives.

The most cherished and effective attribute of the organisation is its focus on professionalism and people centered interventions in articulating justice, human rights and governance concerns. We work with in the entire Muslim community in Uganda.

MCJL is headed by a President with support from the organisation’s staff. We have an established team of both full time and associate staff that is ready to implement MCJL activities. We also work with part time consultants who bring on board technical expertise on a needs basis.

The organisation also works with partners to draw synergies in areas of commonality. The partnerships are with existing local leadership structures in the communities, civil society organisations that implement related activities and development partners.