Project goal: Empower youth with economic opportunities to make them less vulnerable to radicalism and extremism in Iganga, Tororo, Mbale, Mayuge and Kisenyi neighborhood Kampala). with sizable youth populations and few resources

In our CVE work, we;

Engage young Muslims, women, communities and those in leadership who are outside mainstream institutions and are susceptible to radicalization and violence, in order to provide alternative opportunities and safe.

Utilise value-adding channels including working with community mosques, schools, and families through referrals of individuals who are seen as most at risk (involving schools, families, religious leaders and district representatives). This can help increase the capacity of communities to challenge and resist extremists.

Facilitate continuous learning seminars through engagement, interfaith dialogues, cohesion activities, language training, anti-discrimination actions, will be undertaken myth busting to create a sense of belonging for a shared identity and eventually reduce real perceived isolation and amplify Muslim civil society stanch. This will help in building cross border linkages and networks that can identify and mitigate recruitment and radicalization to violence from a Muslim civil society perspective and experiences.