A Ugandan society that upholds universal faith-based principles in ensuring equitable Access to Justice, Human Rights and observance of the Law.

To facilitate observance of Human Rights, Justice, Peace, and Good Governance through promotion of public interest, civil liberties, and obligations under the law.

  1. Human Rights based approaches (This isn’t a value)
  2. Tolerance and accommodation of diversity
  3. Popular participation and Social responsibility
  4. Collaboration and Teamwork
  5. High ethical standards and Professionalism
  1. To conduct Human Rights and Legal Education with the primary target of reaching Muslim communities and members of other faiths in general.
  2. To create a religious pluralist and tolerant society nationally, regionally and globally.
  3. To lobby government and the legislature to put in place policies that promote Access to Justice and Legal Aid for the marginalized communities and individuals.
  4. Health promotion and Advocacy
  5. To provide expert advice for Organizational Growth and Development.
  6. To network with local and international civil society organizations to create synergies in promoting social justice and legal awareness.
  7. To contribute to poverty reduction by reducing social injustices in Uganda.