Does MCJL serve only Muslims?

MCJL does not amongst discriminate beneficiaries. Muslims and non-Muslims are served basing on the nature of the issue at hand.

Does MCJL apply Sharia Law in resolution of disputes?

MCJL applies secular law and represents people in courts of law. Muslim Personal Law is applied where it is in conformity with the statutory laws.

Does MCJL extend direct financial support to victims?

MCJL currently does not extend direct financial support to victims. What we offer are services like free legal representation, mediation, negotiation, Counselling, community sensitization among other services.

Are MCJL Services free?

Currently, MCJL services are free of charge. We are supported by Development Partners who foot the cost on behalf of the beneficiaries.

Does MCJL employ only muslims?

Non muslims are equally employed by MCJL so as long as they meet the requirements in the job description.