MCJL eLaw App

Most of our access to justice issues are caused by ignorance or a lack of timely and relevant information.The MCJL eLaw App is a lite Android app that provides access to legal information with the intention of enabling early access to justice. The app provides vital and relevant information on different legal aspects for the common man. Some of the information includes,

  • Civil and Criminal Law/Procedure
  • Property rights,
  • Domestic relations,
  • Human rights and Freedoms
  • Courts of law,
  • Legal Aid service providers around Uganda,
  • Contacts of different police stations and departments
  • Contacts for Ambulance Service Providers around the country
  • Muslim Personal Law

SMS Platform

Our SMS app uses USSD to enable access to justice to the last mile. For the cost of an SMS, people across the country are able to get legal information and answers to legal queries from our team of resident lawyers. The issues range from domestic, property to civil among others. This has facilitated early access to justice for thousands of individuals who were not able to previously access this information and counsel with ease.